photography :D

some of my work from 2015(?)-2019 (i've taken some since then, but nothing worth posting as i haven't felt very inspired).

april 2019 i went on a band trip to disney my senior year of high school. we drove 22 hours to get there. it was an experience to say the least.

2015/2016(?) i'm not sure when this was taken, but it's of some flowers on our kitchen table at home.i remember seeing them and feeling compelled to take a picture of them.

april 2016 these are from an orchestra trip i went on freshman year to virginia. it was my first big trip out of state (that i remember). i was really happy on that trip. i remember being really excited about how these pictures came out, i wouldn't stop talking about them. they will always hold a special place in my heart.

may 2017 i can't remember why these were taken (for a school project i think?), but they're from some trees in my backyard.

july 2017 these were taken when my aunt and uncle renewed their vows. i didn't know too many people there, but i found comfort in walking around and admiring the flowers.

july 2019 i spent a couple days at a lake with my best friends before i went away to college. had the time of my life. i love them dearly.

august 2019 one week before i went to college a bunch of friends and i walked around downtown (where these flowers were). afterwards we bought a bunch of snacks and ate them in the car of a walmart parking lot.

march 2019 these are some light writing photos i took for my digital photography class. light writing is achieved by setting your camera to a long shutter speed and using a light source to draw. i didn't speak in that class as i didn't know anyone in it. i quietly waddled into a closet and took these. it was very peaceful. i didn't expect much since it was my friend time experimentin with lightwriting, but i'm still super impressed by how they came out.

april 2018 i took a film photography class junior year and it was the best decision i've ever made. these are some photos of my dog that i developed myself in the school's darkroom. i loved sitting in there by myself, smelling the chemicals, watching the clock. i'm very proud of these photos.

april 2021 these are the first photos i've taken in a while. i went to a bookstore downtown with my roommate and we walked around a little bit. took several pictures, but these were the only ones i liked. bit rusty with my photography skills tbh.

i hope to get back into photography soon and experiment with different subjects (as you can see i really love flowers) and mediums. photography was a big passion of mine in high school. i thought about making a career out of it at one point and it's such a shame that i don't have the same drive for it as i once did. with that being said, i'm glad i have such fun photos to look back on.