epic roblox moment O_o (WIP)

hi i play roblox with my friends a lot. here are some of my favorite games :)
click the pictures to play the games!


this is one of our go-to roblox games. you work to make money so you can buy a house (my favorite part is decorating). most people use it for roleplaying, anything from adopting children to joining the mafia. my friends and i have even worked at a gaming studio before. very silly game.

trolling abilities: 10/10
customization (house + clothes): 6.5/10
jobs: 8/10
entertainment level: 7/10

--longest obby in roblox--

this is the perfect obby (obstacle course) in roblox. my friend and i fought for a week over this game, i have 20+ hours in it. it gets REALLY hard around 2000, it's absolutely infuriating. it was 2410 levels when i played (which i finished), but the creator adds more levels all the time.

probability to rage quit: 10/10
level design: 10/10
entertainment level:: 8/10

--mining simulator--

a bit like minecraft. you literally just upgrade your tools and your backpack and mine different things. ngl i hyperfocused on this game for hours for no reason.

tool designs:8/10
backpack designs: 6/10
blocks: 10/10
entertainment level: 9/10

--fart attack--

ok. i have the sense of humor of a 12 year old boy but hear me out. this game is so good. you literally just collect beans and cabbages and burritos and fart people off the edge of the map to try to get the most kills. there are a bunch of other attacks as well (personally, i like the poop mine). you can buy different fart designs with in-game money. there are also boss levels and bonus rounds. overall really epic.

silliness: 10/10
probability of rage quitting: 5/10
attacks: 10/10
entertainment level: 8/10

--color block--

this game rocks but mostly because i'm good at it. there are a bunch of different game modes that everyone votes on before the round starts. you spawn on a grid and then a color is chosen and you have a couple of seconds to get to a tile of that color. it gets faster as the round goes on. swim mode and skate mode are a fun challenge, but i like double block mode the most i think.

high heel check: 8/10
mode variety: 10/10
probability of rage quitting: 7/10
entertainment level: 10/10